Shot sequence demonstrating a rack focus and camera movement: Layout and staging using Autodesk Maya.
Circular dolly shot that progressively moves out away from the character: Layout and staging using Autodesk Maya.
Rendered shot to demonstrate rolling overhead shot. Layout and staging in Autodesk Maya.
Using nodes to create camera shake, and adding motion blur to the camera movement: Layout, staging and node setup using Autodesk Maya.
Camera tips and tricks
This video is part 1 of 2 that walks through the creation of a camera rig in Maya. The goal of the camera rig is to mimic a real world camera in a CG environment. This rig is good to use for pre-vis, as well as creating realistic camera moves in Maya.
This video is part 2 of 2 that walks through the final steps of creating the camera rig in Maya.
This video walks through the setup of creating a node based camera shake. This technique can be used to simulate an old camera where the registration, or frame, is fluctuating. This can also be used to create an effect of wind bowing the camera, or some sort of shake of the camera to give it a handheld, or realistic effect.
This video is a walk through to set up a depth of field rig in Maya. This uses a distance tool that sets the focal distance for the depth of field, and can be animated by keyframing the movement of a locator.
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