Lighting and Rendering Examples
Class demonstration render to create crepuscular rays with a partiVolume Mental Ray network.​​​​​​​
Example render to show global illumination for an interior using Mental Ray Physical Sun and Sky.​​​​​​​
Example render of the same environment to show global illumination using Mental Ray with interior practical lighting.
A simple project that demonstrates Image Based Lighting using a High Dynamic Range image, with Final Gather and Global Illumination, with caustics. The idea here is to take a simple object and incorporate it in an environment.​​​​​​​
An example of HDR image based lighting, with basic objects rendered with caustics as an example to show these effects. This was created for a class to demonstrate how to set up a scene to render caustics and global illumination, with nothing but image based lighting.​​​​​​​
Creating an HDR for image based lighting from a Maya scene. This simulates HDR light probe photography in a virtual environment.​​​​​​​
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