Life drawing gesture, 3 min.
Life drawing, bear gesture, 2 min.
Life drawing, deer gesture, 2 min.
Life drawing, white conte on black paper, 20 min.
Couple dancing. White color pencil on black paper. 8.5x11. 3 hours.
Life Drawing. White color pencil on black paper. Drawn from life, and photo reference.11x14. 2 hours.
Chair abstraction.
Hand study.
Pencil sketch of a skeleton. The reference was a medical skeleton model.
A clay sculpture imagined in a Hans Arp style (a loose interpretation).
Color Pencil sketch
A style of sculpture that I decided to try years ago, which is like a three-dimensional stained glass. I used broken bottles lined with foil and soldered together. I didn't think it would be too dificult at first, but handling broken glass is a very delicate operation.
While rummaging through an old sketchbook I found this little jem. A friend had posed for the sketch, which I seem to remember taking about an hour, although I still polished it more afterward. I've learned so much since that time. I had to add this purely for historical value.
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